MCT Bike and Bus
img Art on MCTTrails
Art on the MCT Trails
Experience the vibrant and engaging sculptures, designed to captivate trailgoers of all ages! The Art on the MCT Trails initiative aims to infuse a touch of artistry into the outdoor experience.
Beautification Project
Rest at one of the trail beautification sites along the MCT Trails and beautifully landscaped linear parks adorned with blooming trees, creating a delightful environment for all visitors.
Interpretive Panels
Interpretive Panels
Learn about the history of the region and evolution of the MCT Trails, a once bustling railroad system to the scenic pathways they are today.
Pollinator Pathway
Pollinator Pathways
Witness the fluttering of butterflies and buzzing of bees as you explore an MCT Trails Pollinator Pathway during your visit.